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Last Push for the NJ Plastics Bill

Just a sampling of those bags we'd like to ban.

The two-year legislative session in Trenton ends on January 14th, 2020 meaning there are only 3 legislative days left. It is urgent that we pass S-2776 and A-4330 which would be the most comprehensive plastics bill in the nation banning plastic bags, styrofoam in food service ware, and requiring plastic straws only upon request.

In December, the Senate version was amended to include a ban on paper bags in larger stores and it would require those stores to hand out free reusable bags to customers for two months prior to the ban on paper. We don’t think either one of those things is practical or needed.

But the most important thing is to get the bill moving in the Assembly. Please call Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin in his legislative office at (732) 855-7441.

Follow these instructions:

Ask to speak to a person who deals with environmental issues.
Tell them your name and hometown.
Say you want the Speaker to do whatever is needed to get A 4330 passed in the Assembly.
Say you support a ban on plastic bags, a ban on styrofoam, and straws on request statewide!
Say we don’t need to ban paper bags. It’s not practical and it has not been successfully done anywhere else.
Say the State can hand out free reusable bags but the State can not require businesses to do this.
Leave a message in their general voice mailbox if you do not get an answer.

Thanks for helping us get this done!