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Plastic Free Tip - Straws

Want to do more to reduce your plastic consumption?  We will be posting tips to reduce your plastic use. 

For many of us it may seem like "I am just one person, how will this help?" or "I feel too overwhelmed by all the plastic in the world".  However if each of us just employed a few (or all) of these items into our daily lives, we can drastically reduce amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and our oceans.

Our first tip is how to reduce using plastic straws.  Per the National Park Service Americans use 500 million straws every day!  This would fill 125 school buses.  Plastic straws end up in our oceans threatening sealife.

So how can you help?  There are a few  ways to stop your plastic straw use.

Just don't use one:

When ordering a drink, just say "no straw please" - it is just that easy.

Get a few metal straws:

Still want to use straws?  No problem, reusable metal straws are now widely available online and in stores.  Keep a couple in your purse or pocket.  Many even come with a small brush for cleaning (running hot soapy water and rinsing should work just fine too).

Help do your part by reducing your plastic consumption

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