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Stop the Gibbstown LNG Facility

Stop the Gibbstown LNG Facility

Stop the proposed LNG facility in Gibbstown, NJ.

The South Jersey Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, along with the Jersey Shore and Delaware Chapters, are working with our partners at Delaware Riverkeeper, to stop a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility from being constructed in Gibbstown, New Jersey. The facility will be located on the Delaware River, and the LNG will be trucked and or put on trains from Pennsylvania before being loaded onto ships at the proposed facility. This project could negatively impact air and water quality, recreation, habitat, and will exacerbate climate change.

The Chapters have sent comment letters to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Delaware River Basin Commission, who all have permitting authority over the project. They have also attended public meetings and helped disseminate information to the public about the project.