On Sunday November 12th the Surfrider Foundation South Jersey hosted a cleanup along Wellington Avenue in Ventnor. We had 11 volunteers for 2-3 hours each. We collected 15 bags of trash and 4 bags of recycles. Only 5 data cards were filled out so these are conservative numbers, but here are some statistics on what we found:

47 cig butts,

232 food wrappers,

11 plastic take out containers,

1 foam take out container,

1018 plastic bottle caps,

5 metal bottle caps,

16 plastic lids,

112 straws/stirrers,

2 utensils,

39 plastic beverage bottles,

108 glass beverage bottles,

10 bev cans,

523 plastic grocery bags,

27 other plastic bags,

8 paper bags,

2 paper cups and plates,

8 plastic cups and plates,

3 foam cups and plates,

1 piece of fishing line,

1 balloon,

1 cigar tip,

2 cig lighters,

1 wooden ladder,

36 pieces foam packaging (peanuts!),

1 plastic bottle (oil, bleach, et),

1 strapping band,

2 tobacco packaging/wrap,

36 small foam pieces,

41 small plastic pieces,

2 Acme signs (like election signs!)

2 big cardboard boxes including a box for a toaster oven,

1 couch pillow