We need your help to put an end to the proposed Pinelands Pipeline!
The South Jersey Gas Company wants to install a large, high pressure gas pipeline through the heart of NJ’s world famous pristine Pinelands. The pipeline would carry gas from Pennsylvania to resurrect the BL England Power Plant at the mouth of the Great Egg Wild and Scenic River. The project will degrade our  natural resources, harm water and wildlife, enable fracking, and increase greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate climate change.  Please read more about the proposed pipeline here.

A vote by the Pinelands Commission Board is expected on January 10.

Take Action!
Email Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, and Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service to vote no on the proposed private gas pipeline in protected forests through their representative on the NJ Pinelands Commission. The U.S. Interior Department and National Park Service have played key roles in safeguarding these forests since creation of the Pinelands National Reserve in 1979 and the Pinelands master plan expressly bars such infrastructure. Your letter will make a huge difference in fighting climate change and protecting the natural resources of the Pinelands—one of the most pristine wildernesses in the northeastern U.S.
Sign this petition  asking the Pinelands Commission to deny the proposal!
And attend one of these final meetings at the Pinelands Commission to let them know you don’t want this pipeline messing up our watershed!
Monday January 6, 2014 at 9:30am the Commission will be meeting to discuss the proposed MOA.
Friday January 10, 2014 at 9:30am the Commission will be meeting to vote on the MOA.  Even if you do not have the opportunity to speak you could make a sign that says “Just Say NO!” so the Commission knows how you feel!