South Jersey Chapter

Hands Across The Sand 2018

Open Positions

Open Positions

  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR) Coordinator Nominations occurring
  • Website/Social Media Assistant (2) – OPEN
  • Secretary Nominations occurring
  • Volunteer Coordinator – OPEN
  • Monofilament (Fishing Line) Recycling CoordinatorFilled

  • OFR Ambassadors – provide regional support and assistance to OFR Coordinator, attend Surfrider HQ meetings, sit on and help to lead the Chapter’s OFR Committee and provide training to restaurants
  • Cleanup Ambassadors – provide regional support and assistance to the Cleanup Coordinator, help with event planning and requirements
  • Clean Energy Ambassadors – attend coalition meetings, and provide support and assistance to the Clean Energy Campaign Lead
  • Youth Ambassadors – help lead Youth Environmental Education segments and advocate locally.

Please see below for a description of each lead volunteer position:

Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR) CoordinatorNominations occurring

The OFR Coordinator leads our Ocean Friendly Restaurants program for our chapter, Surfrider Foundation South Jersey. This position is great opportunity to make a difference with our plastic pollution crisis! It is a consumer behavior-changing, community-influencing and also a policy-influencing position. It is key in making a scalable impact in reducing our plastic footprint, protecting the environment, increasing education and raising awareness with the public! The roles of this position include becoming well-versed in the program, its criteria (see our webpage link below) and the issues that surround the current plastic pollution crisis, communicating with and serving our existing OFRs, expanding the program to add more OFRs (growth), keeping up-to-date with communications and changes to the program (Surfrider Foundation email updates and conference calls), developing and working with the Chair on communications to be sent out via our social networks and email list, coordinating regional lead volunteers, and recruiting and training new volunteers.

The South Jersey Chapter’s region includes both coastal and inland counties (Coastal Counties: Atlantic & Cape May Counties; Inland: Camden, Gloucester, Salem & Cumberland Counties).

The OFR Coordinator (along with lead regional volunteers) conducts visits to present the program to restaurants that have expressed an interest through our social networks, as well as discovers and follows potential leads, and meets with potential restaurants. Becomes knowledgeable with the Foodware Guide. Offers solutions to switch from plastic or Styrofoam products over to plastic-free, sustainable products. Works with local restaurant supply companies. Becomes knowledgeable on the financial costs associated with becoming an OFR (e.g. converting from plastic straws to paper straws, plastic take-out bags to paper take-out bags, Styrofoam clamshell to a recycled paper product) and the program’s membership fee structure and many benefits. Assists restaurants in the OFR registration process and any follow up communications. Builds a relationship with OFRs. May conduct a compliance check visit with a restaurant.

Checks Surfrider OFR’s email account daily. Keeps up-to-date with communications and changes to the program (Surfrider Foundation email updates and conference calls), our list of current OFRs and our OFRs about to expire and follows up.

Attend monthly meetings for the Surfrider Foundation South Jersey. Be a member of the Surfrider Foundation (but not required). Develop and work on goals and campaigns.

As the OFR Coordinator becomes established, there may be speaking engagements in the community at events, opportunities to speak in front of city/town council/commissioners meetings in effort to support legislation targeting plastic pollution and single-use plastics, and may respond to requests to provide commentary to the Press.  


  • Flexibility to change
  • Ability to lead and train small groups of people
  • Able to speak publicly to groups of people
  • Computer proficiency in using the internet
  • Have access to a computer
  • Able to motivate others and work effectively in a team
  • Good people skills to foster volunteer participation, to work together with restaurant owner and staff, and build relationships with owner and staff
  • Ability to work in a team environment and compromise
  • Restaurant owner experience or prior restaurant industry experience a plus, but not required

The time commitment required for this position varies from 3 to 10 hours per a week.

To read more about OFRs, visit Surfrider Foundation’s national webpage: 

If you are interested in this position or learning more about the position, please contact Danielle Plá –

Website/Social Media Assistants (2)

Surfrider Foundation South Jersey is looking for a Social Media Assistant to help post communications for our chapter on our social media platforms, and also help create creative content. Most communication posts on social media will be pre-written by Surfrider with an associated image(s) or video, and will only require to be reposted with tags and standard hashtags. Other posts will be pre-written by the Chair or be a repost with tags and our standard hashtags. Creative content opportunities include: helping to create stories on Instagram (or sharing our chapter’s post as a story, sharing/reposting images or appropriate Instagram posts from other accounts to our stories on Instagram, etc.), helping to create digital event flyer/poster images, taking pictures at meetings and events especially on weekends, helping to make creative content to be used for page updates to our website. Responsible for helping to manage chapter social media accounts, creating events on Facebook and Instagram that require many detailed steps and details to be included in the event description.

Must be social media savvy on Instagram and Facebook, and have current experience with account management activities on Instagram and Facebook platforms (responding to incoming notifications, comments on posts, private messages, creating events on Facebook, creating stories on Instagram, linktree, etc.). Must be highly computer proficient with a high level of attention to detail. Graphic design experience creating digital flyers/posters for events to be used in social media posts, website content and chapter communications via email. Experience with website maintenance preferred (WordPress).

This position will also help in developing creative outreach strategies, increasing engagement with all ages, and increasing inclusion and demographic diversity. Develop and work on goals and campaigns. This volunteer will have guidance and work closely with the Chair/Communications.

The time commitment required for this position is about 6-10 hours per a week, most often on weekends and at weekend events, evenings during the week for image development and creation of posts, not often on weekdays with the exception of sharing a same day reminder for a weekday event or time-sensitive post (in which is a shared responsibility of the communications team). Attend monthly meetings for the Surfrider Foundation South Jersey. Be a member of the Surfrider Foundation (but not required).

If you are interested in this position or learning more about the position, please contact Danielle Plá –

Secretary Nominations occurring

Attends meetings and writes minutes. Reserves and coordinates Chapter Meeting location and related meeting tasks such as RSVPs and orders food. Takes attendance at meetings for minutes. Writes general Thank you letters and other general correspondence. Other tasks.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate volunteers for events and assign volunteers to the committees they are interested in. Keeps volunteer opportunities, active volunteer list and groups, up to date. Will need to learn new volunteer management system being implemented this year.