We hope this posting finds you safe! And if you are struggling in any way please reach out to us and we will try to help you in any way we can!
We watched in horror as Hurricane Sandy ravaged our beaches, our homes and the homes of the ones we love, so we are anxious to begin our clean up efforts and today we will get started!!!
Please join us Sunday November 4th, noon at 23rd Street Beach in Ocean City NJ, for our first Hurricane Sandy cleanup!
We will have drinking water, bags, some gloves (but bring your own heavy duty gloves if you have them) and buckets, and we have no idea what we will find so if you want to bring shovels and rakes please do! Be sure to dress for the weather and remember that what we are cleaning may be pretty nasty so wear your wellies or boots that can be hosed off, wear clothes that can get ruined, and be ready for anything!
We are asked to NOT remove any fencing and please do not try to remove anything too heavy or big!
Our plan is to have cleanups every Sunday at noon, moving around to the beaches and towns we love, so if you can’t join us today maybe we will see you next week!  Each week we will be sending emails, posting here and posting on Facebook with our location so check back to see where we will be!
If attending and you’d like to bring some canned goods we will bring them to the local community pantry for people in need!
Our oceans waves and beaches need your help!!! NOW is the time to step up and do what you can so that we all may continue to enjoy what we love!!!
Thank you so much for your ongoing support!!!